Donald Trump and his wife tests positive for "just a flu" and coronavirus "Hoax".


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Jul 17, 2020
Donald Trump has announced that he and his wife has tested positive for the coronavirus, after he spent months downplaying the virus and repeatedly refused to wear a mask during all of his rallies while terming it as "just a flu", "disinfectants will knock it out in a minute".

Trump confirmed his test results on friday in a tweet, while assuring the public that him and his wife have began their recovery process.
Trump diagnosis comes shortly after his top aid Hope Hicks tested positive for coronavirus on thursday. He announced that he and his wife will immediately quarantined himself while waiting for their results.

The pandemic which has killed more than one million people of which more than 20% of the world total death toll is from the United States, last week President Trump said the virus is in the corner of disappearing, it will just "go away". While everybody is at risk of getting infected, some people are at high risks of recovery, President Trump who is 74 years old and medically overweight fall into the group of high risks of hospitalization.

"It was only a matter of time before Trump tested positive. This should mark the END of his rallies & if it doesn't, it will be yet another disgrace. How many other people did he expose in recent days?"

"If Trump only develops mild symptoms he will use it as another way to downplay the seriousness of the virus & the life-threatening risks this pandemic poses to so many vulnerable people. >200,000 Americans have died thanks to Trump's incompetence & recklessness." Murray on Twitter.

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