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  1. Jerryfrankson

    "I Hope he dies" Former White House Staff who worked for Obama and Hillary attacks Donald Trump.

    Former White House Staff Zara Rahim who worked for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama attacked President Trump few hours after the president confirmed he and his wife has tested positive for the coronavirus. In a now delete tweet, She tweeted "its been my moral identity to tweet this over the...
  2. Jerryfrankson

    Donald Trump and his wife tests positive for "just a flu" and coronavirus "Hoax".

    Donald Trump has announced that he and his wife has tested positive for the coronavirus, after he spent months downplaying the virus and repeatedly refused to wear a mask during all of his rallies while terming it as "just a flu", "disinfectants will knock it out in a minute". Trump confirmed...
  3. Jerryfrankson

    Kamala Harris will be the first black woman to be VP in the US, Everything you need to know about Joe Biden's running mate.

    Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his presidential running mate. He took to his social media handle to make the announcement on tuesday, while Biden believe this will increase his chances for beating Trump at the poll in November others thinks otherwise. Who is Kamala Harris? She is presently a...

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