1. Jerryfrankson

    "I Hope he dies" Former White House Staff who worked for Obama and Hillary attacks Donald Trump.

    Former White House Staff Zara Rahim who worked for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama attacked President Trump few hours after the president confirmed he and his wife has tested positive for the coronavirus. In a now delete tweet, She tweeted "its been my moral identity to tweet this over the...
  2. Jerryfrankson

    Donald Trump and his wife tests positive for "just a flu" and coronavirus "Hoax".

    Donald Trump has announced that he and his wife has tested positive for the coronavirus, after he spent months downplaying the virus and repeatedly refused to wear a mask during all of his rallies while terming it as "just a flu", "disinfectants will knock it out in a minute". Trump confirmed...
  3. Jerryfrankson

    Woman sues Chinese government for her father's death caused by coronavirus.

    A woman is suing the govern- ment in Wuhan for the death of her father and for not divulging enough information about the coronavirus pandemic when it hit the city. Zhao Lei said that she is looking for compensation as well as a public apology. "I think the government covered up some facts,"...
  4. Jerryfrankson

    A vaccine is a vaccine, Russia under fire about the risks of its vaccine Sputnik V.

    A vaccine is a vaccine but if it's safety for everybody is not certain then it is likely not an effective vaccine. It is less than 48Hours since Russian President made the announcement about their first registered vaccine and the rest of the countries like the USA, United Kingdom, India, Germany...
  5. Jerryfrankson

    Russia registers first approved coronavirus vaccine, President Vladimir Putin announces tuesday. But it is not approved by WHO.

    On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announces that coronavirus vaccine has been approved for use in Russia. Putin said his country has become the first in the world to grant regulatory to a Covid-19 vaccine. He further added his daughter has already been given the vaccine. Officials in...

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